Update Related Client Addresses

This feature is available for WorkflowMax Premium and Xero Practice Manager accounts only.

Prompt to update related clients' addresses when a client's address is changed

If you change the Address or Postal address of a client, and there are related clients linked to this client, then you will see a note at the top of the screen. You can follow the link to the new Update Address Details screen.

Prompt shown after updating address of clients with relationships defined

"Related Clients" are defined by having a relationship set up between the clients.

When you select the link to Update Related Clients' addresses you will see be taken to a new screen where the details of the client and the updated address, along with a listing of all related clients are presented.

You can then select which addresses (address, postal or both) to update. Select Save or Cancel will to go back to the Client details page.

Update address details for related clients

Upgrading to WorkflowMax Premium

If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium version please contact us at central.xero.com/s/contact-support, and we will be happy to turn on this module and answer any queries you may have.