Recurring Monthly Billing and Non-WIP Jobs

Recurring monthly billing and non-WIP jobs are available for WorkflowMax Premium and Xero Practice Manager accounts only.

Monthly invoicing in Xero

If you have regular jobs that you work on throughout the year, such as monthly advertising campaigns, you can invoice your clients for the work by using monthly recurring invoices in Xero. WorkflowMax allows you to import these monthly invoices from Xero, to make sure that the revenue is attributed to the correct client.

The time you record in WorkflowMax against recurring jobs that are invoiced in Xero, will accumulate as WIPWork In Progress in WorkflowMax is all uninvoiced staff time and disbursements recorded on client jobs..

Even though you record time against these jobs in WorkflowMax, you don't need to create invoices for them in WorkflowMax. This is because the recurring invoices, which are set up in Xero, will be imported against the job you have specified, reducing the outstanding WIP balance.

At the end of the job, do one of the following:

  1. Create a Final invoice and mark all time and costs as invoiced or written off.
  2. Instead of invoicing the remaining time and costs to write any balances off, you can write off any remaining WIP and "wash up" the job, attributing any write onIn WorkflowMax, a write on is an increase in the amount you will charge for time or costs (or both). For example, you might do this if you charge a minimum of an hour's time for the first hour worked even if you worked less than this. See also: Write off. or write offIn WorkflowMax, a write off is a reduction in the amount you will charge for time or costs (or both). For example, if an inexperienced employee spends more time on a job than expected, you might charge for less time than was actually worked. See also: Write on. to the staff who have entered time on the job. To do this, use the Remove from Invoice List button (on the job's Financial tab).

Non-WIP jobs

To prevent the recorded time (from recurring jobs, for example) from accumulating as WIP, you can use the Exclude from Estimated Billings checkbox.

To view or set a job's Exclude from Estimated Billings checkbox, simply open the job in the Job Manager and select Edit Job. The checkbox is at the end of the Job Information section.

If the Exclude from Estimated Billings checkbox for a specific job is:

Recurring jobs

The Exclude from Estimated Billings checkbox is also available for recurring jobs. If you select the checkbox when creating a recurring job, it will be selected in each job created by the recurring job rule.

Upgrading to WorkflowMax Premium

If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium version please contact us at, and we will be happy to turn on this module and answer any queries you may have.