Importing Staff

The staff import feature is available for WorkflowMax Premium and Xero Practice Manager accounts only.

Use these instructions to import generic CSV or TXT data for a list of staffStaff are members of your organisation who perform work for your clients. Staff are usually set up as users in WorkflowMax so that they can login to enter time sheets, produce reports or invoices or perform other job-related activities..

Before you begin

Before you import data into WorkflowMax, you need to prepare a suitable import file.

Setting up an import file

To set up an import file, do one of the following:

Notes on import data for staff

  • Default privileges are assigned to each staff member based on their role. The staff records are created as soon as the import is complete, but privileges are set only after each staff member has activated their account.
  • Each staff member will receive an email invitation to activate their account. To get started, each staff member should click Create Password in the email and follow the instructions to activate their account and log in.
  • If the staff member's email address already exists in your WorkflowMax account, then that staff member will not be imported. A warning will be displayed that the staff member was not imported: "XXX was not imported as it already exists" where XXX is the name of the staff member.

  • The staff import will be aborted when the number of active users exceeds the user subscription licence limit. See Upgrading your subscription for details of how to increase your licence limit.

  • The Update Existing checkbox cannot be used when importing staff (see below).

Importing the data

To import staff data into WorkflowMax:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Import.
  2. On the Import screen, provide the following information, as required.
    File Type

    The type of file that you wish to import. Select Generic - Staff.

    File Format

    The format is either CSV or tab-delimited.

    Update Existing?

    Controls whether existing data is overwritten with newly imported information. The Update Existing? option is not available for this import type, so selecting the checkbox will result in an error message.


    Choose the file on your computer that you wish to import.

    Job Import Options

    This section is required only if you are importing job data.

  3. Import the data. The number of rows successfully imported is displayed at the foot of the screen. If there were any errors during the import, they will be displayed at the foot of the screen.

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