Importing Invoices from Xero

The invoice import feature is available for WorkflowMax Premium and Xero Practice Manager accounts only.

You can import recurring or manually entered invoices from Xero into WorkflowMax Premium, usually for the purpose of including them in the KPI Dashboard and Revenue reports.

Before you begin

For all invoices you plan to import, check that the text of the To field (the contact name) in Xero exactly matches your client's name in WorkflowMax Premium.

If the names (all words, spacing, punctuation and capitalisation) do not match exactly, WorkflowMax Premium will create a new client and assign the invoice to that client.

The way that invoices will be imported into WorkflowMax from Xero depends on how you have set up those invoices in Xero.

Xero invoices will normally be imported into WorkflowMax as miscellaneous invoices for the specified client, unless you override this default by using the settings discussed here.

By using the Xero invoice Reference field, you can import invoices against specific jobs or against jobs for specific clients.

If the Reference field in Xero matches a:

  • Current job number, the invoice will be imported against that job number.
  • Client order number, the invoice will be imported against an active job that has a matching client order number. This option is useful when you have recurring jobs for the same client. Each recurring job has a different job number, but the client order number will remain the same. If there is more than one open job with the same client order number, WorkflowMax Premium assigns the invoice to the latest-created job.

If the invoice Reference field is blank or cannot be matched against a job or client order number, you can specify how to import the invoice by using the settings described below.

Setting up WorkflowMax Premium to import invoices from Xero

To set up WorkflowMax Premium to import invoices from Xero:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Xero.
  2. On the Xero screen, scroll down to the KPI/WIP Reporting section.
  3. Select the Automatically import invoices from Xero checkbox. Invoices created or edited in the past 14 days will be imported overnight, but all AUTHORISED or PAID invoices will be imported as they are created in Xero.

    If this checkbox is not selected, no invoices will be imported from Xero into WorkflowMax.

  4. Use the Create an Adhoc job when no current job matches the Xero reference field checkbox to specify how to process invoices that have a invoice Reference field that does not match a job number or the client order number in a job. If the checkbox is:
    • Deselected. Invoices will be imported into WorkflowMax Premium as miscellaneous invoices for the specified client (this is the default import method).
    • Selected. Invoices will be imported into WorkflowMax based on the following settings:
      • For all invoices. An ad hoc job will be created for each invoice. The job will appear in the list of jobs to be invoiced.
      • Excluding invoices with no reference (will be allocated to the client). An ad hoc job will be created for each invoice, except for invoices that have a blank Reference field. For invoices with a blank Reference field, the default import method is used.

  5. If required, type an invoice summary description into the Invoice Summary field.
  6. Save your changes.

Upgrading to WorkflowMax Premium

If you are interested in upgrading to the Premium version please contact us at, and we will be happy to turn on this module and answer any queries you may have.