Exporting Payroll Data

WorkflowMax can create an export file containing the total hours your employees worked for a given period. You can then import this file into a payroll system, thus saving time and increasing accuracy of transfer.

Regional differences

Due to differences in the way that payroll is processed in New Zealand, Australia and other countries, please note:

Exporting data

To export payroll data:

  1. From the Business menu, select Timesheets.
  2. On the Time Sheets screen, use the calendar on the left to select the week from which you want to export payroll data.
  3. Export payroll.
  4. On the Export Payroll screen, enter the following details as required:
    FromThe beginning of the period you want to export.
    ToThe end of the period you want to export.
    InterfaceUse drop-down list to select the system you are exporting to.
    Payment CodeCertain payroll systems require a payment code.
    Cost Centre CodeCertain payroll systems require a cost centre code.
    Allowance CodeCertain payroll systems require an allowance code.
    Department Quick RefCertain payroll systems require a department quick ref code.
  5. Export.
  6. Select the Download link to download the payroll export file.
  7. Make a note of where you saved the file so that you can import it into your payroll system.

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