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Entering time sheets (2 min 45 sec.)

In WorkflowMax, time sheets contain details of the time worked on specific tasks by each staff member during a given week.

When you are entering or viewing time sheets, you can use the calendar provided in the Time Sheet manager to select the required week.

Entering time and viewing time sheets

Individual staff members can enter their own time sheet information from their Dashboard screen, or a manager can enter or edit time sheet information for any member of staff.

To enter time for other staff, using a job's Time Sheet tab, you will need General Privileges > Job Time Sheets View privilege selected in your Staff Settings.

You can enter time or view time sheet information on several screens:

  • Quick time entry (Quick time entry icon) – allows you to set a timer running to record time as you work or to directly enter time against a specific job task.
  • My Time Sheet screen (Dashboard > Enter Time) – allows you to enter your hours worked for each job on a daily or weekly basis, as required.

    To enter time on the Weekly tab, your Organisation setting Weekly Timesheet Entry must be Enabled.

  • Time Sheet tab of a particular job (Jobs > Jobs > job number) – shows the total hours worked on that job by staff members, and allows you to enter time against the job for any staff member.
  • Time Sheets, Weekly Summary screen (Business > Timesheets) – provides a summary for all staff members and shows the daily total hours worked by each staff member in your organisation for a selected week. You can also select a staff member from the list to display their detailed individual summary (dates, clients, jobs, tasks and time) for that week.

Completing time sheets

It's vital to keep time sheet information up to date and accurate, so you might want to ensure that:

  1. On a daily basis or at the end of the week, a time sheet is entered for each staff member. The frequency of time sheet entry can be tailored to suit staff workload and number of active jobs.
  2. At the end of the week, the time sheet is submitted. This locks the time sheet against further entries.

Times can be entered as a total of hours or with a start and end time, depending on your system configuration. See Organisation Settings > Entry Mode.

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