Ticking-off Completed Tasks

In addition to flagging individual to-do items on a task as having been completed, you can also flag the entire task as having been completed.

Once a task has been flagged as complete, the task will no longer be visible/available to enter time against.

Ticking-off a task as complete does not automatically flag all the to-do items in the task as complete. See Ticking-off completed to-do items.

To flag a task as completed:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.
  2. On the Job Manager screen (All tab), drill down on the job number of the job that includes the task that you wish to flag.
  3. On the job detail screen, scroll down to the Tasks section, and select the checkbox to the left of the task name. The checkbox will change from white to green.

To restore the ability of staff to write time sheets to a task that has previously been flagged as completed, simply remove the tick from the checkbox – the checkbox will change from green back to white.