Security privileges control user access to the features and functions of WorkflowMax. They are set individually for each staffStaff are members of your organisation who perform work for your clients. Staff are usually set up as users in WorkflowMax so that they can login to enter time sheets, produce reports or invoices or perform other job-related activities. member (or visiting client).

By changing the privilege settings on a person-by-person basis, you can control the access they have to using the features of WorkflowMax. For example:

  • For a basic staff member, deselect all privileges. They can view jobs they are assigned to, and enter time against those jobs. However they cannot access the Clients or Business menus. This means that they cannot create or view clients; or view, edit and create quotes or invoices or view financial information.
  • For the owner and business manager who require full access to all features, select all privileges.
  • For the office administrator, who requires only administrative access, select only financial privileges.

The Job Financial Summary privilege gives access to the Job financial summary report. This report contains information that can be used to work out staff base rates for other staff. Also, the Administrator privilege allows staff to view or edit all staff base rates. You may wish to restrict access to these two privileges.

Several privileges include a Delete option. We recommend that you select the Delete option only for staff with the Administrator privilege.

For further details, see the topic on viewing and editing staff settings (general security privileges section, onwards).

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