Adding a Staff Member

Adding staff (2 min 29 sec.)

To add a staff member to WorkflowMax, you need to enter the staff member's details in WorkflowMax, and invite the staff member to login (the staff member is automatically sent an email that includes their login credentials).

Before you begin

Before you set up any staff in WorkflowMax, please read the text below to learn more about how staff base rates, billable rates and security privileges are used.

Add a staff member

To add a staff member to WorkflowMax:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Staff > Invite Staff.
  2. On the Invite Staff screen, provide information under the following sections, as required.

    To select (or deselect) all privileges in a specific section, select (or deselect) the Full checkbox in the Privilege header bar.

  3. Save your changes. The staff member is added to WorkflowMax and an email is sent to their email address, inviting them to login.

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