Setting up Your Organisation

Important setup information (2 min 50 sec.)

This topic covers reviewing and, optionally, changing the:

  • WorkflowMax organisation settings, and the
  • number sequences used for jobs, invoices, purchase orders and quotes.

Before you begin

Before you review or change any organisation settings, there are two areas you need to think about.

Firstly, are the default values for "required fields" suitable for your organisation? And secondly, are the "key organisation settings" suitable for your organisation?

We've covered the important settings here, but if you need details of all the organisation settings fields, see Editing organisation settings.

Reviewing or changing your organisation settings

To review or change your organisation settings:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Organisation Settings.
  2. On the Organisation Settings screen, check the following settings and change as required.

    Changes should be made with care as they will affect the entire operation of WorkflowMax for the organisation.

    Examples are included where possible to show typical values.

  3. Save your changes.

Reviewing or changing your organisation numbering sequences

WorkflowMax automatically generates numbers for new jobsA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client., invoices, purchase orders and quotes. In each case, the number generated is based on a prefix and starting number value that you can change if required.

You can also control whether the job number is generated automatically (or you need to enter your own job numbers) for each new job.

Make sure that you review and, if necessary, change your organisation's numbering sequences before importing data into WorkflowMax from other systems.

Working with numbering sequences

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