Running a Custom Report

The Reports > Report Builder > My Reports tab lists reports that have been created with Report Builder. You may have created these reports yourself or been given access to them by the staff member who built them.

If you need to change the content or criteria of one of your reports, which are visible on your My Reports tab, you need to go into the Report Builder tab to make the changes. Once you save the changes, they will be available in the copy of the report in the My Reports tab.

To run a report from the My Reports tab:

  1. In the Reports menu, select Report Builder.
  2. In the My Reports tab, select the report you require. A preview of the report is displayed on screen.
  3. In Report Builder, one of the Publish options controls whether staff members can change the filter criteria when running a report. If criteria have been set and you have permission to change them, a Show Criteria button is displayed at the top right of the preview screen. Select this button to change the criteria, then select Refresh to re-run the report and update the preview.

  4. (optional) Use the Print button to open the print dialog.
  5. (optional) Use the drop-down arrow on the Export button to export the report in CSV or XML format.

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