WorkflowMax reports provide rapid access to the valuable data within your organisation.

Reports can filter the information – so you see only what you need – and the output can be printed, or exported to various electronic file formats.

Three ways to report on your data

You can report on your data by:

  • using a wide range of standard reports and sample reports provided in WorkflowMax
  • using the sample reports as the basis for creating custom reports
  • creating your own report formats from scratch.

Report layout

Reports are normally presented as tables with rows and columns. Each row has the same structure (the columns) and contains information (the data fields) about a specific item. For example, a report about jobs would have a different job on each row. The first column would typically contain the job name, and the remaining columns would contain information about that job.

In WorkflowMax you can choose to present your data using tabular (row and column) reports, bar charts or pie charts.

Links to detailed information

When viewing a report on screen, fields such as job numbers are presented as links that you can follow, to go directly to that job's job information screen in WorkflowMax. This feature allows you to view your data at an overview level and then drill down for more detail if you wish.

Working with reports

Job financial summary report

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