Report Builder

Report builder (2 min 53 sec.)

Report Builder provides sample reports, which you can use as a starting point for building custom reports. It also lets you run unmodified sample reports and any custom reports you have created.

The Report Builder has three tabs:

  • My Reports tab – lists the custom reports that you have access to. You automatically have access to reports that you have built, and other staff members can give you access to the reports they build.

    You can highlight the star Star icon to add a report to the list of favourites to the left of a report name to make that report appear in the Favourites section of your Reports menu. This provides quick access to reports you use often.

  • Report Builder tab – allows you to create a new report from scratch or edit one that has been built previously.
  • Samples tab – lists the WorkflowMax sample reports that you can use unmodified, or as the starting point for creating a custom report.

Report builder data field reference

For further details of available reporting data fields, see Report builder data field reference.

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