Building a Custom Report

When you are building a custom report, you first create a report of the required type, then you configure the report layout.

For further details of available reporting data fields, see Report builder data field reference.

Building custom reports

You can build custom reports based on the sample reports provided by WorkflowMax.

Alternatively, you can build four types of custom reports from scratch:

  • Table Report – creates a standard rows and columns layout (this is the default report layout).
  • Monthly Summary Report – creates a report of a value, such as billable time for each client, broken down into monthly summaries.
  • Bar Chart – allows you to select a data field to display along the horizontal (X) axis and a value to display in the vertical (Y) axis.
  • Pie Chart – allows you to select a field to use for naming the pie segments and a field value to determine the size of segments.

Working with custom reports

Building a custom report from a sample

Building a custom table report from scratch

Building a custom monthly summary report from scratch

Building a custom bar chart from scratch

Building a custom pie chart from scratch

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