Unmarking a Quote as Sent

Once a quote has been marked as sent, you will normally send it to the client contact by email.

However, you may decide not to send the quote immediately, in which case you can mark it as Unsent (in the History tab of the Quote Manager screen) until you are ready to send it.

To unmark a quote as sent:

  1. In the Business menu, select Quotes.
  2. If required, select the down-arrow to the right of the page title and select the required filterA filter provides a quick way to display only selected clients, invoices, quotes and work in progress based on pre-defined criteria. Once a filter has been selected, it becomes the default title for the page. Page titles that are also filter names are shown in blue text with a drop-down arrow, at right..
  3. Select the Issued or Expired tab.
  4. In the Quote Manager screen, drill down on the quote that you wish to unmark as sent.
  5. Select Options > Unmark as sent. The selected quote is unmarked as sent.

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Marking a quote as sent ClosedAfter unmarking a quote as sent, you can mark it as sent later, when you do actually send it out.

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