Notifications (2 min 11 sec.)

WorkflowMax uses notifications as a way of informing selected people when certain job-related events occur. When one of these events occurs, staff assigned to the jobA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client., team members or client contacts can be notified by email, on-screen alerts or RSS feeds.

WorkflowMax will not notify you of an action that you yourself have initiated.

When are notifications processed?

Action-related notifications (including job state changes and actual time meets/approaches/exceeds estimated time) are processed immediately, so the notification is delivered within a few minutes, subject to factors such as system load and internet traffic.

Date-related notifications (including lead activity due, milestone due, job or job task due) are processed overnight so that the notification is delivered in time for the due date.

Notification types

Working with notifications

Editing default notifications

Editing job or task note notifications

Enabling or disabling email notifications

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