Editing Job or Task Note Notifications

When a new noteNotes can be stored directly against clients, jobs and job tasks, so you no longer have to hunt around for sticky notes or scrap pieces of paper. Everyone who can see the client, the job or the task will be able to see the notes against it, streamlining collaboration within your team. is added to a job or task, you need to be specifically subscribed to receive notificationsWorkflowMax uses notifications as a way of informing selected people when certain job-related events occur. When one of these events occurs, staff assigned to the job, team members or client contacts can be notified by email, on-screen alerts or RSS feeds., unless you have already been selected to receive notifications as:

  • the job manager
  • one of the staff assigned to the job
  • a member of a specific team.

These three notifications are controlled by the settings under Business > Settings > Notifications > New Job Note. For further details, see notifications settings.

Before you begin

You can edit a job or task note only if you have the General Privileges > Job Notes (Edit) privilege selected.

Editing note notification subscriptions

To edit the list of people subscribed to job or task note notifications:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.
  2. On the Job Manager screen, drill down on the job number of the job that you wish to edit.
  3. On the job detail screen, select the Notes tab.
  4. Drill down on the title of the note you wish to edit. The job (for job notes) or task (for task notes) details screen is displayed.
  5. Select Edit Note. The note details screen is displayed.
  6. In the Staff list, select only those people that you wish to receive email notifications of new job or task notes.
  7. Save your changes.

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