Adding Notifications to Job State Changes

Adding notifications to job states (52 sec.)

Use notificationsWorkflowMax uses notifications as a way of informing selected people when certain job-related events occur. When one of these events occurs, staff assigned to the job, team members or client contacts can be notified by email, on-screen alerts or RSS feeds. to notify appropriate staff (or the client contact) that the state of a jobA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client. has been changed.

To add a notification to a job state:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Notifications.
  2. On the Notifications screen, select the Custom Notifications tab.
  3. In the Notification Type drop-down list, select Job State Change.
  4. Add the notification.
  5. In the Job State drop-down list, select a specific job state that you wish to trigger the notification, or leave as Any if you wish to trigger notification on any job state change.
  6. Select whom to notify:
    • select a team to notify staff members who are not assigned to the job
    • select any combination of staff assigned to the job, the job manager and the client contact person (only client contacts with a client login will be notified).
  7. If required, repeat Steps 3–6 to create notifications for other job states.
  8. Save your changes.

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