Moving Between Leads and Linked Quotes or Estimates

If a quote or estimate is based on a lead, you can easily move between screens (in either direction) to view details of the lead or any linked quotes/estimates.

Is this lead linked to a quote or estimate?

If the title of Lead Manager screen Quotes tab is followed by a number (Quotes (1), for example), the lead is linked to one or more quotes or estimates.

To move between a lead and the linked quotes/estimates:

  1. In the Business menu, select Leads.
  2. On the Lead Manager screen, select the All tab or My tab, as required.
  3. Drill down on the name of the client/prospect that the lead is for.
  4. On the lead information screen, select the Quotes tab. A list of all linked quotes/estimates is displayed.
  5. Select the quote number of the quote/estimate you wish to view.

Is this quote/estimate linked to a lead?

If there is a box above the tabs on the quote information screen (the box will identify the linked lead and include the text: To view the lead click here), the quote/estimate is linked to a lead.

To move between the quote/estimate and the linked lead, simply select the 'click here' link.

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