The optional Lead Manager allows you to create and track leadsA lead is a possible sale opportunity for a prospective client (a prospect) or an existing client., view details of past leads, and helps you manage those leads or opportunities.

Each prospectProspective clients (prospects) are clients who you haven't actively done work for yet. Prospects are created directly from the Client manager + New button; if you add a new prospect to a new lead; or if you import leads and the clients don't already exist. or client can potentially have many leads associated with them.

Leads are usually created as the first stage in the Typical job flow.

Before you begin

Before you create your first lead in WorkflowMax, you should find out more about:

Links between leads and quotes or estimates

Each lead can be linked to one or more quotes or estimates.

Working with leads

Lead settings

Lead manager

Lead notes

Related activities

Importing leads

Moving between leads and linked quotes or estimates

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