Lead Notes

Notes can be stored directly against leadsA lead is a possible sale opportunity for a prospective client (a prospect) or an existing client. so you no longer have to hunt around for sticky notes or scrap pieces of paper. Everyone who can see the lead will be able to see the notes against it, streamlining collaboration within your team.

Sources of notes

Notes can be added to WorkflowMax leads manually (by typing the note directly into the note panel on the lead details screen) or by assigning an email message to a lead (for further details, see Collaboration manager).

Each lead also has its own email dropbox, so you can send email messages direct to the lead, rather than assigning them in Collaboration Manager. On the lead details screen, the note icon indicates its source:

manually added notes

notes based on email messages.

Working with lead notes

Adding a note to a lead manually

Assigning an email message as a lead note

Sending an email message as a lead note

Editing a lead note

Deleting a lead note

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