Conventions and Symbols

The following conventions and symbols are used in WorkflowMax.

What's that symbol? Where do you see it? What does it mean?

[green tick – square]


In front of costs

Indicates an “Actual” cost instead of “estimated” costs (which are shown with no tick).

In front of tasks

The task has been marked as complete and no further time can be added to it.

[green tick – circle]

To the right of invoices, quotes or purchase orders

Indicates that this invoice, quote or purchase order document has been sent to the intended recipient.

You can mark a document as sent by:

  • using the “Mark as sent” button on the left of the screen when viewing the document, or
  • leaving the "Mark as sent" checkbox selected on the print options screen.

"Mark as sent" does not actually send the document – you will normally print it (which creates a PDF for you to send) then send it manually.

[green tick - circle - grey background]

To right of staff member name in weekly time sheet summary Indicates that the time sheet has been submitted.

[pencil icon]


Job Manager and Job details – in front of the task

Shortcut to edit a task.

On the job when in the Job or Staff schedule

Edit the job tasks – click and drag to schedule job and tasks.

Job Manager

Indicates an overdue job or task.

Lead manager

Overdue Lead Activity.

Invoice Manager

Invoice is overdue.

Quote Manager

"Quote valid" date has passed.

When creating a New [final] Invoice or New Progress Invoice

If creating an invoice based on a quote and there are actual costs (which have been added to the job but not included on the original quote), the cost items will be highlighted in red.

Image to show what a lead looks like in Lead Manager after it has been updated Lead Manager The lead name and other details are shown with a yellow background if the lead has been modified within the past 8 hours.


Job Financial tab, "Invoices" heading

Invoices with a white background indicates an invoice that hasn’t been paid yet. Paid invoices are displayed in grey shaded background.


[line through text]



Estimated Billings

A line through a task or cost (as though the task or cost has been crossed out) indicates that the item is marked as non-billable.

[red exclamation marks before a job number ]

In the Job Schedule view shown in Jobs > Job Schedule


In the job list shown in Jobs > Job Manager

One or two exclamation marks or a blue arrow indicate a special priority for the job.

The priority level can be set under the Schedule Information section on the job, in the Priority field (see Editing a job):

  • Immediate (two exclamation marks).
  • High (one exclamation mark)
  • Normal (no icon – default priority level)
  • Low (blue arrow).


[blue arrow before a job number]