Historic Billing Rates

The WorkflowMax Historic billing rates feature allows you to ensure a smooth transition between billing rates, in terms of reporting and billing.

Historic billing rates comprise a database of superseded staff and task billing rates for each staff member and task. Each time a billing rate is changed, the superseded billing rate can easily be added to the database (for details, see Editing staff settings and Editing a task).

Each historic billing rate is associated with an Applied Up to date, which controls how that rate is used for reporting and billing.

For example, Jo's current staff billing rate is $150/hour. Up until the 1st of January this year, her billing rate was $135/hour. This superseded rate is held in the historic rate database and will be used for reporting on, and billing, her work up until 1st January. After that date, her current rate will be used.

Working with historic billing rates

Adding a historic staff billing rate

Adding a historic task billing rate

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