Staff Allocation View

The Job Manager's staff allocation view displays the calculated number of hours per day that each staff member has been allocated to work on jobs and tasks.

How time allocation is calculated

Staff time is allocated to job tasks as follows. Starting from today, WorkflowMax determines:

  1. The number of days remaining until the due date on each job (excluding weekends).
  2. How many hours each staff member has been allocated to a task. This is done:
    • Explicitly – staff members are each allocated a set amount of time on a task from within the job's Task Allocation screen (see Allocating staff to a task), or
    • By calculating the number of hours work required on the task by dividing the total estimated hours for the task by the number of days available to complete it and the number of staff working on it.

      For example, two staff members are working on a task that was estimated as 9 hours work. If they have to complete it in three days, the Staff Allocation view would display 1½ hours work each on each day. Where the numbers don't divide exactly, the final day will display the remainder.

The Staff Allocation view will show the total daily allocated time for each staff member across all their tasks, based on a combination of explicitly allocated time and calculated time, as applicable.

Staff allocation time overview

For an overview of the current allocation of staff time:

  • In the Jobs menu, select Jobs > Staff Allocation tab. The Staff Allocation tab will look similar to the following image.

Staff allocation view

Staff allocation time breakdown

For a breakdown of the current allocation of staff time:

  • On the Staff Allocation tab, select the name of a staff member. A full breakdown of that person's daily hours on each job and task is displayed.