Printing Job Task Information

To print a task associated with a job:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.
  2. On the Job Manager screen, drill down on the job number of the job that contains the task you wish to print.
  3. On the job information screen, drill down on the Name of the task you wish to print.
  1. Select Print Task.
  2. On the Print Job Task screen, select the parts of the task you wish to print.

    If you do not select an option on this screen, only the job number and name are printed.

  3. Print. The contents of the task report are displayed on screen.

    You can use the print icon () on the PDF toolbar above the displayed task report to send the report directly to your printer, if you wish.

  4. (optional) Email the task report.
    1. Select the Email button.
    2. Provide the following information, as required.
      Email toEmail address to send the statement to. If you need to send to multiple recipients, include a comma (,) or semicolon (;) between addresses.
      Send me a copyYou will automatically receive a copy of the statement at your WorkflowMax email login address. Deselect this checkbox if you do not wish to receive a copy.
      SubjectSubject of the email message.
      MessageThe text of the message that will be sent with the statement.
    3. Send Email.
  5. (optional) Save the task report as Excel, CSV or PDF format.

    1. Do one of the following:
      • Select Export to Excel (.XLS format), Export to CSV (.CSV format) or Export to PDF (Adobe PDF format) (System Default template).
      • Select Export to Word (.DOCX format) or Export to PDF (Adobe PDF format) (custom print template).
    2. View or save the exported file, as required.

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