Job Schedule Manager

The Job Schedule Manager shows the start and finish times of each job and its related tasks and milestones in an interactive graphical format.

You need the Job Schedule View security privilege to access the Job Schedule Manager.

Accessing the Job Schedule Manager

To access the Job Schedule Manager for all jobs:

  • In the Jobs menu, select Job Schedule.

To access the job schedule for a single job by itself, see Job schedule editor.

About the Job Schedule Manager screen

  • Vertical grey columns represent weekends.
  • The vertical red dotted line represents today's date.
  • Jobs shaded in red have gone past their delivery or due date.
  • The Milestone icon represents a milestone. The icon turns red when the milestone is overdue.
  • Green bars indicate how far a job or task has progressed.
  • Red bars indicate that a job or task has exceeded its estimated time.

Configuring the display

You can configure the display to show certain periods of time, and you can apply options to show only jobs matching certain criteria, such as start date, job state or job category.

Showing details

Hovering over a job or task rectangle or a milestone icon displays its start and end date.

When editing a schedule (see below), hovering will display additional details about the item.

Related tasks

Editing a job schedule

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