Job Schedule Editor

Scheduling your jobs, tasks and milestones (3 min 35 sec.)

The Job Schedule Editor shows the start and finish times of the job and its related tasks and milestones in an interactive graphical format.

Accessing the Job Schedule Editor

To access the schedule information screen for a specific job:

  1. In the Jobs menu select Jobs.
  2. Drill down on the required job.
  3. On the job information screen, select Edit Schedule.

To access the job schedule for multiple jobs, see Job schedule manager.

About the Job Schedule Editor screen

  • Vertical grey columns represent weekends.
  • The vertical red dotted line represents today's date.
  • Jobs shaded in red have gone past their delivery or due date.
  • The Milestone icon represents a milestone. The icon turns red when the milestone is overdue.
  • Green bars indicate how far a job or task has progressed.
  • Red bars indicate that a job or task has exceeded its estimated time.

Length of period shown on screen

To set the length of the period shown on screen, use the buttons provided : 4 weeks or 3 months.

To move the period shown on screen:

  • Click the Left arrow or Right arrwo buttons to move the period through the calendar dates as required.

Showing details

Hovering over a job or task rectangle or a milestone icon displays date and other details.

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