Job Categories

Job category (44 sec.)

Job categories are primarily a way to group various types of jobs (or tracking categories in Xero) together for reporting and management purposes.

  • WorkflowMax reporting features allow you to use job categories to gain visibility of profitability across various types of jobs you undertake, such as commercial vs private or web vs print.
  • Job categories also allow you to align different streams of work with your general ledger account, so that revenue and direct costs for a certain job type can be attributed to appropriate income and cost accounts.

When you invoice a job that has been allocated a job category, your WorkflowMax tasks and costs will be mapped to the Xero revenue accounts (and any tracking categories) as specified in that job category. However, any mapping applied to individual tasks and costs will take priority over the mapping specified in the job category. See Xero GL account codes and tracking categories.

Working with job categories

Adding a job category

Editing a job category

Deleting a job category

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