Editing a Task in a Job

To edit a task associated with a job:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.
  2. On the Job Manager screen, drill down on the job number of the job that contains the task you wish to edit.
  3. On the job detail screen, drill down on the Name of the task you wish to edit.
  1. Select Edit Task.
  2. On the Edit Job Task screen, provide the following information, as required.

    Field Description
    Task Information

    Name of the task that you are editing.

    Estimated Time

    The overall time that you estimate it will take to complete this task (hr:min).


    A detailed description of the task. This can appear on an invoice, so it can act as a default description for each line item on the invoice. Generally, the description against each task on an invoice either comes through from the time sheet entries or it is individually crafted on each invoice.


    A labelIn WorkflowMax tasks, a label allows you to use the same task multiple times. The label is automatically appended to the task name. For example, in a specific job, designs are required for a brochure, flyer and a handbook. So, a label can be used to identify the Design task for each item: "Design - Brochure", "Design - Flyer" and "Design - Handbook". to provide a name for a sub-task.


    Indicates if the task is to be included in billable work. Select the checkbox if work on the task is to be billed, leave it clear if it's not billable.

    Schedule Information
    Scheduled Task?

    If the task has to be completed within a set period, select this checkbox and provide the required start and due dates (see below). You can then use these dates to review progress on the task.

    Start Date

    Due Date

    The start and due date for a scheduled task. These dates must fall within the overall job schedule.

    Staff Allocation


    Specifies which staff are allocated to this task. You do not need to select staff here.

    If you:

    • select staff here, only the selected staff members can write time against this task
    • do not select any staff here, all staff allocated to the job can write time against this task.

    You can use Select All to select all listed staff or Clear All to deselect them.

    Allocated Time

    The Allocated Time column is displayed only if Organisation Settings > Time Allocation is set to Staff.

    If the Allocated Time boxes are visible, you can allocate time (hr:min) to the selected staff. The total time allocated to all the selected staff must equal the total Estimated Time, specified above.

  3. Save your changes.

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