Deleting a Job

Deleting a job (48 sec.)

You can delete a job only if it has no financial information entered against it.

If you wish to delete the job because it is not going ahead, it is better to change its job stateJob states usually match the stages in your company's job workflow, such as Planned, In Progress or Completed. By adding notifications to each job state, you can communicate to key people how a job is progressing - and when it's time for them to take action. to Cancelled. This will archive the job and mark all the time entries and costs as being non-billed. For further details, see Changing a job's job state.

To delete a jobA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client.:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.

  2. Drill down on the name of the job you wish to delete.
  3. On the job detail screen, select Options > Delete Job.

    If the Delete Job option is not available, this is because time sheet, quote, invoice or costs information has been entered against this job.

  4. Confirm deletion when prompted.

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