Creating a Job Template from Scratch

To create a new job template from scratch:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Job Settings > Job Template > Add Job Template.
  2. On the New Job Template screen, provide the following information, as required.

    Template Name

    The template name should describe the type of job. For example: Rebranding job, Website design, Kitchen installation.

    DescriptionThe description will be displayed in the Description field on the New Job screen when you select the template. It can be as detailed as you wish.
    Job CategoryA job categoryJob categories are primarily a way to group various types of jobs (or tracking categories in Xero) together for reporting and viewing purposes. Whenever a job is invoiced, the information specified in the category, such as Xero Tracking Category, Income Account and Cost of Sale Account, is brought across in the invoices that flow through to your accounting system., if required.
    Default Folders

    One or more default foldersFolders allow you to organise your job tasks, milestones, costs, notes or documents into logical groups for costing, reporting and management purposes, providing you with greater visibility and context. Folders are specific to each job, so if you create folders for one job they will not be available to another job. Job templates can contain folders and those folders can be pre-populated with selected tasks, costs and milestones., if required. Insert a comma (,) between folder names. Folder names will be displayed in alphabetical order on the job detail screen.

    Job Costs are

    The type of costs (Estimated or Actual) that will be added to the job when the template is used.

  3. Save your changes. The basic job template features are saved and the Edit Job Template screen is displayed.
  4. Continue setting up the job template by doing any of the following:
  5. Save your changes.

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