Creating a Job State

Each job state usually matches one of the stages in your jobA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client. processing cycle.

Creating a new job state

To create a new job state:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Job Settings.
  2. On the Job Settings screen, select the Job State tab.
  3. Review the list of existing job state names. It is possible to create duplicate job state names, so choose a suitable new name before you continue.
  4. Select Add Job State. The New Job State dialog is displayed.

  5. In the Name field, type a name for the new job state; for example: In Progress.
  6. If required, complete remaining fields as follows:

    1. Select a State Type other than Standard.
      • On Hold jobs are not displayed in the Overview, Task Manager or Calendar views, leaving more room for active jobs to be displayed.
      • Completed jobs will be archived out of Job Manager, but time and costs accrued will still be invoiced.
      • Cancelled jobs will be archived out of Job Manager and any time and/or costs accrued will be written off.
    2. Choose where you want jobs with this job state to appear.
      • Select My Jobs to have jobs appear in the My Jobs - job state notification box for the staff member it's assigned to. This notification box is displayed, at left, on the Dashboard and on all screens under the Jobs menu.
      • Select Schedule to have jobs appear in the job schedule for the staff member it's assigned to.
    3. Choose if you want to prevent data entry. This can be useful if you need to prevent staff from accidentally recording time or costs against a job (when the job is on hold, for example).

  7. Save your changes.
  8. If necessary, drag the new job state into the correct place in the list of job states.

    The order of job states controls the order that job states are listed in the State drop-down list on the New Job screen. The order should reflect the stages in your company's job workflow.

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