Creating a Job

You can create a jobA job is the overall project that you or your organisation works on for a client. from scratch if you wish, but if the new job is similar to an existing job, it is generally quicker to copy an existing job and make the required changes.

Before you begin

Before you create your first job in WorkflowMax, you should find out more about configuring your Job settings.

Job settings help you to manage your company's workflow by simplifying the job setup process.

There are three types of job settings: job categoriesJob categories are primarily a way to group various types of jobs (or tracking categories in Xero) together for reporting and viewing purposes. Whenever a job is invoiced, the information specified in the category, such as Xero Tracking Category, Income Account and Cost of Sale Account, is brought across in the invoices that flow through to your accounting system., job statesJob states usually match the stages in your company's job workflow, such as Planned, In Progress or Completed. By adding notifications to each job state, you can communicate to key people how a job is progressing - and when it's time for them to take action. and job templatesA job template can contain a pre-defined set of tasks, to-do items, milestones and disbursements. By providing a standardised job structure, job templates can save you time when you need to set up jobs of a similar type that occur on a regular basis..

Creating jobs

Follow these links to find out how to create a job by:

Creating a job from scratch

Copying a job

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