Adding a Cost to a Job

Adding costs to a job (1 min 56 sec.)

To add a cost to a job:

  1. On the job information screen, Costs tab, provide the following information, as required.

    DateThe date that the cost was incurred. Type the required date or select a date from the pop-up calendar.

    Description of the item whose cost is to be included in the job. The text you type is matched against the cost items, stored in the Cost Admin database (Business > Settings > Costs), so that you can select one of these items if you wish.

    Alternatively, you can just type in details of a new cost item (which is added to the job but not to the Cost Admin database).


    Number of items to include in the job.

    Unit Cost

    The cost per item.

    Unit Price

    The price of each item based on the Unit Cost and the markup. It is calculated automatically if you have a markup % set in your Organisation Settings > Cost > Markup %. However you can override the Markup % by specifying a different value in the Calculate Markup dialog, or by typing a value directly into the Unit Price field.


    The name of the supplier for this cost item. Select from the drop-down list, as required.


    A reference code for the cost item, if applicable. This is the manufacturer's or supplier's reference code.


    This checkbox indicates if the costs for the item are to be included in the job. If the checkbox is deselected, the item quantity, cost and price details are included in the job, but with a zero total cost.


    The tax name and rate to apply to the job. If you have a second tax rate set up in your Organisation Settings > Financial settings, both rates are shown. Select the required rate.


    Any comments or notes relating to the item.

  2. Save your changes. The cost item is added to the items at the bottom of the screen. This cost item is stored in the current job only unless you add new costs to the Cost Admin database (see Adding costs to cost admin).
  3. If necessary select Icon to show that a cost item is an actual cost or deselect Deselected checkbox the 'actual cost' checkbox to the left of the cost item.

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