Adding a Job Category

Job categoriesJob categories are primarily a way to group various types of jobs (or tracking categories in Xero) together for reporting and viewing purposes. Whenever a job is invoiced, the information specified in the category, such as Xero Tracking Category, Income Account and Cost of Sale Account, is brought across in the invoices that flow through to your accounting system. allow you to group together jobs of the same type.

To add a job category:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Job Settings.
  2. On the Job Settings screen, select Job Category > Add Job Category.
  3. On the New Job Category screen, provide the following information, as required.
    General Information
    NameA suitable short name that you will use to select the category from drop-down lists of categories.
    Xero Tracking (this section is available if you have ever connected your WorkflowMax account to Xero. If the connection is not currently active, the Category and Option drop-down lists will be empty. For details, see Xero (settings))

    Use this field to select a tracking category you have set up in Xero. You can have a maximum of two active tracking categories at any one time.

    For further details, see Xero GL account codes and tracking categories, and watch the following video:

    Advanced Xero integration (2 min 33 sec.).


    If you have selected a tracking category, you can use this field to choose the option you wish to track. For example, if the tracking category is the Sales Region, you might select Northern region. A tracking category can have as many options as you require.

    Export Information
    DescriptionDescription of the category. This will appear on invoices.
    Income AccountThe default account that income from jobs of this category will be allocated to.
    ItemThis field is only used for the QuickBooks interface.
    Cost of Sale AccountThe default account that cost of sales from jobs of this category will be allocated to.
  4. Save your changes. The category is now available for you to use when creating a new job.

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