Invoicing Multiple Clients

You can use the Work in Progress Manager to create progressA Progress invoice should be used for on-going jobs, or jobs where there is a likelihood of further time or costs being added to the job. or finalThe last invoice produced for a completed job. invoices for multiple clients at one time.

To invoice multiple clients:

  1. In the Business menu, select Work in Progress.
  2. If required, select the down-arrow to the right of the page title and select the required filterA filter provides a quick way to display only selected clients, invoices, quotes and work in progress based on pre-defined criteria. Once a filter has been selected, it becomes the default title for the page. Page titles that are also filter names are shown in blue text with a drop-down arrow, at right..
  3. Select one of the blue categories (Time, Costs, Deposits or Total WIP) to display a list of clients whose work in progress contributes towards the total shown on the selected tab.
  4. Use the checkbox to the left of the client name to select all the clients you wish to invoice.
  5. Invoice.
  6. In the Invoice dialog, provide the following information, as required.
    DateThe date to appear on the invoices. If you do not wish to use today's date, type the required date or used the down-arrow to display the calendar and select a date.

    The type of invoice you wish to create. Select:

    Progress if the work is still underway, or

    Final if the work is complete.


    The basis for the costs included in the invoices. Select:

    • WIP to invoice based on actual time spent on the job and on actual costs, or
    • Quote/Estimate to invoice based on a quote/estimate or (if the job is not based on a quote) on estimated time and costs.
    Grouped by

    Invoices will be grouped into separate PDFPortable Document Format. A proprietary document format created by Adobe Systems Inc. PDF files can be read using a free Acrobat Reader program, so the format is commonly used for sharing reports, quotes and invoices and other documents. output files based on the option you select here. Select:

    • Client to create a separate PDF file for all the jobs for each client, or
    • Job to create a separate PDF file for each job.
  7. Create. Draft invoices are created for the selected clients. These invoices are ready to be approved.

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