Retention Invoices

Retention invoices are used to allow the client to withhold payment on an agreed percentage of the original quote until the work is completed to their satisfaction.

WorkflowMax allows you to produce retention invoices by using a combination of progress invoices and a final invoice.

Producing retention invoices

To produce a retention invoice, you need to follow these high-level steps:

  1. Produce a quote for the planned work. Once this quote has been accepted, it automatically becomes a job in WorkflowMax.
  2. Produce progress invoices. As work progresses on the job, you need to produce a series of progress invoices at agreed stages of the work. For example, you might produce a progress invoice for 50% of the quoted value once half the work is complete, then another progress invoice when all work is complete. The last progress invoice would be for the balance of the quote, but would exclude the withheld amount, which may be 10% of the invoiced amount.
  3. Produce a final invoice. This invoice is for the withheld amount and completes the invoicing cycle.

Example scenario

The high-level steps shown above for producing a retention invoice are included in this Example scenario PDF document.

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