Final Invoices

Create a final invoice to bill your client when a job is complete. Note that:

  • When you are invoicing based on quoted value, any billable items that are not selected for including in the final invoice will be written off.
  • Raising a final invoice will remove the job from the invoice list (Estimated Billings section on the job's Financial tab).
  • If you have created a progress invoice rather than a final invoice at the end of the job and the job is now complete, you can write off the remaining time simply by using the Remove from Invoice List button on the job's Financial tab.

Creating final invoices

You can use the Job Manager, Invoice Manager and Work in Progress Manager to create final invoices.

If you need to create invoices for multiple clients or jobs at a time, use the instructions in a column flagged with .

  Create final invoices from...
Job info screen (Financial tab) Invoice Manager WIP Manager (List tab) Client info screen
Can invoice multiple clients?
Can invoice multiple jobs?
Invoice based on quote/estimate or estimated time and costs YES YES YES
Invoice for actual time and costs YES YES YES

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