Approving an Invoice

Once you are satisfied that a draft invoice contains the correct information, you should approve it.

When can an invoice be approved?

Invoices can be checked and approved at the same time as they are created (for details, see creating invoices).

Alternatively, draft invoices can be created and saved for review and approval later (see below). This second option may work well where one person creates the invoices and another person checks and approves them.

Approving one or more draft invoices

To approve one or more draft invoices:

  1. In the Business menu, select Invoices > Draft tab. The Invoice Manager displays a list of all draft invoices (or a filteredA filter provides a quick way to display only selected clients, invoices, quotes and work in progress based on pre-defined criteria. Once a filter has been selected, it becomes the default title for the page. Page titles that are also filter names are shown in blue text with a drop-down arrow, at right. sub-set).
  2. Use the checkbox to the left of each client name to select each invoice you want to approve.
  3. Approve. WorkflowMax displays a message indicating how many invoices have been approved.

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