Xero Interface - FAQs

What information is sent via the WorkflowMax to Xero interface?

Once the Workflowmax to Xero interface has been set up, information can be sent either way between your WorkflowMax account and your Xero account.

What does the error message "The TaxType code 'OUTPUT2' cannot be used with account code 'xxx'" mean?

The error message shown above arises during the export of an approved invoice to Xero, where account 'xxx' is the number of an expense account in Xero, rather than a revenue account.

When setting up the WorkflowMax to Xero interface, you need to specify the default cost of sale account in Xero to use for expenses. Similarly, when adding a cost in WorkflowMax, you can specify a cost of sale account in Xero to use for that cost (this will override the default account). In both cases, the account you are mapping to in Xero must be an expense account.