Credit Card Payments - FAQs

Why is my card being declined?

Appropriate error messages from the credit card payment platform should help you determine the reason that your card is being declined. These reasons may include:

  • You've reached your credit card limit.
  • Your purchase was flagged as fraud.
  • You have a large pending transaction.
  • You entered the wrong card number, expiry date or verification code.
  • You may be behind on payments.
  • Your card has expired.
  • Your card account has been closed without your knowledge.

Why is my card not supported?

Our credit card payments platform supports payments by Visa, MasterCard and, in Australia and the US, American Express.

Why did an error occur during processing my card?

There was a communication error between WorkflowMax and our payment platform. This is likely to be a temporary problem, so please try again in a few minutes. If the error persists, please contact your bank or credit card provider for assistance.

Why does my card require authentication?

From 14th September 2019, payments made in EU countries may be subject to increased security requirements. These requirements fall under the heading of "strong customer authentication" (SCA) and include enhancements like multi-factor authentication (MFA). See our blog for more detail. If you are getting a message that suggests there is an authentication problem with your card, please contact your bank or credit card provider for assistance.