Changes to WorkflowMax URL and login

Why have the login URLs changed for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager?

In October 2020, WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager became two individual products. This is to allow us to focus on the development of WorkflowMax to better meet the needs of our small business customers. Similarly, it allows developments in Xero Practice Manager to focus on features for accountants and bookkeepers.

WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager now have individual mobile apps as well.

If you were using WorkflowMax before 6 October 2020 and have recently started using it again, there are a few changes you might notice:

  • If you currently have both WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager accounts, you’ll now need to log in to each product separately.
  • Some of the links in older job notification emails sent from WorkflowMax may no longer work.
  • URLs for individual pages in each product may have changed.

Learn more about the changes by reading the FAQs below.

I can’t log in using my bookmarked URL - what should I do?

To log in to WorkflowMax, go to Please update your bookmark for future access.

If you also have a Xero Practice Manager account, you can access it at or through Xero HQ by clicking on your practice name. If you would like more detail about changes to Xero Practice Manager please go to Xero Central.

Why can’t I see all my accounts in one place any more?

When WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager were a single product, users with access to more than one account could switch between their accounts through one shared portal.

WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager accounts are no longer in the same portal.

To access your accounts in WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager, you will need to log in to that product specifically.

Are other features such as Dropbox, Google Drive or reporting templates affected?

There is no change to:

  • features such as custom reporting templates
  • your access to third-party products, such as Dropbox, or
  • your access to other products in the Xero ecosystem, such as Xero itself.

There should be no impact on other features not mentioned on this page.

How do I find out if I'm using WorkflowMax, Xero Practice Manager, or Xero Tax?

To check which type of account you are currently logged into, click on your account name at top-left of the screen. This will drop down a list of other products you have access to.

  • If you see Xero HQ or other practice tools like Workpapers and Xero Practice Manager listed as options, then you are using Xero Practice Manager. Xero Tax does not have the “Jobs” menu.
  • If you don’t see other options (except My Xero possibly) you are using WorkflowMax.

If you’re not currently logged in, try each login URL ( and to verify your access. Alternatively you can raise a case with the Xero support team for further assistance.

How will I be affected as a user of WorkflowMax Premium?

There should be no impact to WorkflowMax Premium users. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper using WorkflowMax Premium, then discuss with your Xero Account Manager whether you should switch to using Xero Practice Manager.

Are there any changes to my WorkflowMax subscription plan?

For most accounts there will be no change, we will reach out directly to the Account holder of any accounts where there is an impact.

What if I have been invited into or set up a trial WorkflowMax account?

If you've been invited into a WorkflowMax account or set up a WorkflowMax trial account before the URL changes on the 6 October, then the link in the invitation email will not work. To resolve this, get the invitation resent (the sender will need to delete your staff record before they can resend the invitation) or set up a new trial account.

There is no impact to Xero Practice Manager invitations or trials.

How will this change affect me as an API developer?

If you are an API developer, then you should have already been advised of the upgrade to the V3 API.

If you are connecting to a Xero Practice Manager account, you should already have upgraded, but connections via the API to a WorkflowMax account don’t need to upgrade until 30 November.

As a developer, you will need to create two apps if you have customers connecting to both WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager.

Will links in my custom fields still work?

Links in custom fields might be affected by these changes. If a link in a custom field stops working, start your troubleshooting by checking that it's using the correct URL.

Will the WorkflowMax mobile app still work?

There is no impact for our WorkflowMax customers using the WorkflowMax mobile app. If you are a Xero Practice Manager customer, you need to download the new Xero Practice Manager app from the Apple App Store or from Google play.

Where has my Xero Tax module gone?

Xero Tax is a practice product that is only available to Xero Partners with Xero Practice Manager. You may have had this Tax option on your WorkflowMax account if you’ve previously switched from a Xero Practice Manager account to a WorkflowMax account. If you wish to continue using Xero Tax, you should contact your Xero account manager to discuss moving your WorkflowMax account over to a Xero Practice Manager account.