Merge Field Reference

Use this reference information to set up the merge fieldsMerge fields are a special feature of Microsoft Word, which act as placeholders for data that will be imported into a document from an external data source. For example, the WorkflowMax sample invoice template contains the <<ClientBillingAddress>> merge field. When you use the template to print an invoice, the <<ClientBillingAddress>> merge field is replaced by the client's billing address that is stored in the invoice you're printing. you require when you are Creating a custom print template.

In the tables below, the 'X' indicates which template (QUote, Job Brief, Purchase Order, Invoice Statement or INvoice) each merge field can be used in.

Do NOT delete the mandatory TableStart and TableEnd merge fields in any of the templates. These fields are used to control the way that WorkflowMax loads data into the template from the database.

Custom fieldsYou can use custom fields to extend the range of standard data fields in the WorkflowMax database. These custom fields can then be used in custom reports - ensuring that you get maximum value from your reports. Custom fields can be added to any of the following data tables: Clients, Contacts, Jobs, Job Costs, Tasks, Leads, Suppliers and Time Sheets. can be used in custom print templates, but the number of merge fields is limited. For details see Custom fields at the end of this topic.

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