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All WorkflowMax accounts use a standard branding theme (the System Default template), which provides predefined layout and content for your PDFPortable Document Format. A proprietary document format created by Adobe Systems Inc. PDF files can be read using a free Acrobat Reader program, so the format is commonly used for sharing reports, quotes and invoices and other documents. invoices, quotes, purchase orders, job briefs, statements and tax letters.

If you want to change the branding theme of your printed and emailed documents, you can create your own custom branded print templates.

What are custom print templates?

WorkflowMax print templates are Microsoft Word .docx documents that contain a combination of text, tables, images and merge fieldsMerge fields are a special feature of Microsoft Word, which act as placeholders for data that will be imported into a document from an external data source. For example, the WorkflowMax sample invoice template contains the <<ClientBillingAddress>> merge field. When you use the template to print an invoice, the <<ClientBillingAddress>> merge field is replaced by the client's billing address that is stored in the invoice you're printing.. A custom print template can be developed from scratch (starting with an empty document) or based on a suitable sample template that already contains relevant information.

When to use custom print templates

With template branding, you can set up multiple templates to use in different situations. For example:

  • If you run more than one business under the same company structure, when you print your invoices, quotes, purchase orders, job briefs, statements or tax letters you can choose the appropriate templates.
  • If some clients require more time sheet details on their invoices, you can build a custom print template specifically for that purpose.
  • If you want to include multiple pages of preamble or terms and conditions as part of a larger proposal for each of your quotes, then a custom print template is the answer.
  • If you want to create client engagement letters or deed documents that can be printed as job briefs from each of your jobs.
  • If you need to print a different currency symbol, such as Euro (€), GBP (£), Yen (¥), you can use the required symbol in your custom print template. See the FAQ section for details of how WorkflowMax can handle multiple currencies.

Working with custom print templates

Preparing a print template for use ClosedLearn more about the making sample and customised templates available for use

Building a custom branded print template ClosedLearn about the three stages of building a custom print template

Deactivating or reactivating a custom print template ClosedLearn about how to temporarily deactivate unused templates

Deleting a custom print template ClosedLearn about how to permanently delete unwanted templates

Custom fields in custom print templates ClosedLearn which custom data fields are available in each type of template

Merge field reference ClosedLearn which data fields (Word merge fields) are available in each type of template

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