Creating a Custom Print Template

Before you begin

Before you create a custom print template, you start by downloading a sample print template, then you should look at the restrictions, features and tips shown below.

To create a custom print template you need to be familiar with using fields (especially merge fields) in Microsoft Word. Some experience of using the mail merge features in Word would be helpful.

Restrictions when customising .docx templates

Before you make any changes to the template, please be aware of the following restrictions.

Features you can customise in a sample template

When you edit a sample template to create a custom print template, you will be able to:

Tips to help you customise your print template

Use the following tips to help you customise your sample templates.

You might find it easier to view the tables in the template layout by enabling View Gridlines in Word.

Customising the sample print template

To customise the sample template:

  1. Use Microsoft Word to open the sample template document that you downloaded from WorkflowMax.
  2. Make the changes you require, subject to the restrictions and other information provided above.

    You might like to print the Merge field reference topic for convenient access to a list of the merge fields that you can insert into your templates. Alternatively, you can copy/paste merge field names from the reference topic to ensure they are correct when adding or changing merge fields in the template.

  3. Save the customised template.

Where to next?

The next stage is Uploading the custom print template to WorkflowMax.

Need help on using Microsoft Word itself? You might consider getting some suitable Word training.

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