Custom Fields

Custom fields (2 min 36 sec.)

By using the custom fields feature, you can extend the range of standard data fields in the WorkflowMax database.

These custom fields can then be used in custom reports – ensuring that you get maximum value from your reports.

Custom fields can be added to any of the following data tables: Clients, Contact, Jobs, Job Costs, Job Tasks, Leads, Suppliers and Time Sheets.

If you plan to import data into data tables that will contain custom fields, make sure you set up the custom fields before you create or import data into those data tables.

Custom fields can be used in custom print templates, but the number of fields is limited. For details see Merge field reference.

Working with custom fields

Adding a custom field

Editing a custom field

Reordering custom fields

Deleting a custom field

Importing custom fields

Custom fields in custom print templates

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