Assigning an Email Message as a Lead Note

Before you begin

Before you can assign an email message to a lead as a noteNotes can be stored directly against clients, jobs and job tasks, so you no longer have to hunt around for sticky notes or scrap pieces of paper. Everyone who can see the client, the job or the task will be able to see the notes against it, streamlining collaboration within your team., the email must be in your Collaboration Manager intray. To view or set the Collaboration Manager email address, see Configuring the collaboration manager.

You can add a note to a lead only if you have the Financial Privileges > Lead Management privilege selected.

Assigning an email message

To assign an email message (and any attached documents) to a lead as a note :

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Collaboration.
  2. In the Collaboration Manager screen (Email tab), Assign To drop-down list, select Lead.
  3. In the Job/Lead/Quote drop-down list, select the lead that you wish to assign the note to.
  4. Select one or more email messages to assign to the lead.
  5. Assign. The message (or messages) are added as notes to the selected lead.

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