Adding a Note to a Job Manually

Before you begin

You can add a job or task noteNotes can be stored directly against clients, jobs and job tasks, so you no longer have to hunt around for sticky notes or scrap pieces of paper. Everyone who can see the client, the job or the task will be able to see the notes against it, streamlining collaboration within your team. only if you have the General Privileges > Job Notes (New) privilege selected.

Adding a note

To add a note manually to a job or job task:

  1. In the Jobs menu, select Jobs.
  2. On the Job Manager screen (All tab), drill down on the job number of the job that you wish to add the note to.
  3. On the job details screen, do one of the following:
    • To add a note to the job: select the Notes tab.
    • To add a note to a specific task: scroll down to the Tasks section and select add a note for the task that you want to add the note to.
  4. On the job (or task) details screen (Notes tab), provide the following information, as required.

    Field Description
    Title The note title. For example: Client signoff
    Note The information you wish to include in the note. For example: Client has agreed to 53 swipe card readers to be installed. Can we please arrange for signoff?

    Use the folderFolders allow you to organise your job tasks, milestones, costs, notes or documents into logical groups for costing, reporting and management purposes, providing you with greater visibility and context. Folders are specific to each job, so if you create folders for one job they will not be available to another job. Job templates can contain folders and those folders can be pre-populated with selected tasks, costs and milestones. field to group all notes on a specific topic together. Either select an existing folder from the drop-down list or create a new folder by typing in a name.

    All existing folders are listed in the Folders pane on the job information screen. Folders that contain notes are also listed in the Notes tab. For further information, see Folders.


    If you have given your client access to WorkflowMax (for details, see Inviting a client to log in), they can view their jobs and interact with any notes, documents or milestones that have been flagged as Public.

    [notificationsWorkflowMax uses notifications as a way of informing selected people when certain job-related events occur. When one of these events occurs, staff assigned to the job, team members or client contacts can be notified by email, on-screen alerts or RSS feeds.] If you have Business > Settings > Notifications > New Job Note selected (which ensures that staff are notified when a new job note is added), additional information is displayed below the Public checkbox. This tells you who will be notified when a new note is added and gives you the option to subscribe additional people to receive notification.
  5. Save your changes.

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