Importing Tasks

Use these instructions to import generic CSV or TXT data relating to labour items for tasks.

Before you begin

Before you import data into WorkflowMax, you need to prepare a suitable import file.

Setting up an import file

To set up an import file, do one of the following:

Notes on import data for tasks

  • The base_rate value is what it costs you (per hour) to have the task performed by one of your staff. The base_rate value is used only when calculating costs in a quote – later, when the work is invoiced, actual costs are calculated using the appropriate staff or task base rate.
  • The billable_rate is what you charge the client (per hour).
  • WorkflowMax will show an error if you try to import a task with a description that contains the Return character (such as several bullet points). The most likely way for task data to include the Return character is if you have exported it from another application to import into WorkflowMax, so take care to review this type of data before trying to import it.
  • When using the Update Existing? option to replace existing data items, if you remove either the "description" or "income_account" fields from the import record, that field will be cleared of data in existing records.

Importing the data

To import task labour items data into WorkflowMax:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Import.
  2. On the Import screen, provide the following information, as required.
    File Type

    The type of file that you wish to import. Select Generic - Task.

    File Format

    The format is either CSV or tab-delimited.

    Update Existing?

    Controls whether existing data is overwritten with newly imported information.

    • Select this checkbox if you want existing information to be overwritten with any new information.
    • Clear this checkbox to prevent existing information from being overwritten with any new information.

    Choose the file on your computer that you wish to import.

    Job Import Options

    This section is required only if you are importing job data.

  3. Import the data. The number of rows successfully imported is displayed at the foot of the screen. If there were any errors during the import, they will be displayed at the foot of the screen.

Setting up WorkflowMax

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