Importing Data

You can import data into all the major data tables in WorkflowMax by using CSVComma Separated Value. A type of text file that you can use to import data into WorkflowMax from other applications. You can also export data from WorkflowMax data tables into CSV format. or tab-delimited text files. These files can be created in a spreadsheet or text editor, or by exporting them from other applications.

Imports are of most value during initial setup of your system, but they can also be used later to add and update information in some tables.

You can import data into the following data tables:

  • Client
  • Cost
  • Job
  • Job Cost
  • Lead
  • Payment
  • Supplier
  • Task

Example files are available in the CSV import file library.

Before you begin

Before you import any job, invoice, purchase order or quote data you must find out what sequence number to use for the first imported data record. This ensures that the imported data will use sequence numbers that follow on directly from your existing numbers.

For further details, see Editing organisation number sequences.

Working with data imports

Importing clients

Importing costs

Importing job costs

Importing jobs

Importing leads

Importing payments

Importing suppliers

Importing tasks

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